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Speech analysis with the AI of Emotion Analytics

“This advisory process, especially the very competent evaluation discussion, made me feel vindicated in many facets of my communication. I’ve also learned a lot about myself.”

One participant
in speech analysis

What's the Benefit of Speech Analysis?

Employees and managers become aware of the impact of their language; they can communicate more variably and systematically adapt to the respective situation. When we communicate using a broad repertoire, we’re more successful in our everyday work – and achieve our goal sooner.

The artificial intelligence used for the speech analysis of Emotion Analytics has been trained with a large amount of linguistic data, making it able to detect psychological and communicative characteristics of language and to classify their effect.

How does the Software take Measurements?

Emotion Analytics breaks down spoken and written language into the smallest building blocks. These building blocks can be arranged in data rooms and data clouds that the software uses for analysis. To do this, Emotion Analytics compares the language building blocks with thousands of other scientifically-based sets of voice data.

emotional undertone in the communication. This is not an evaluation. Emotion Analytics only determines – by comparison – the characteristics in the respective category.

How does the Software receive the Voice Data?

The data for the speech analysis is collected in an automated interview. The process is standardised – this allows objectivity and comparability.

The Steps in Detail:

  • Participants call a free telephone number, which can be reached around the clock. In an automated interview, they answer various questions about everyday things. These are open questions that should be answered freely and in as much detail as possible.
  • The data collected in this way will of course be treated confidentially and used exclusively for the AI speech analysis.
  • The automated interview lasts about 20 minutes – only 15 minutes of sample speech is required.
  • Participants receive the analysis results online.
  • In addition, we conduct individual, confidential consultations over the telephone. An experienced consultant from managerberater takes plenty of time to review the results together with the participant. The focus is on how the results of the analysis can be interpreted and how the participants can implement the conclusions in practice.

How do the Participants benefit from the Analysis?

The evaluation provides participants with a comprehensive view (portrayal) of their communication. The results of the analysis are divided into the individual language categories and describe the individual characteristics as well as the communicative effect of the participants for each construct. In this way, we provide the managers and employees who participate in the speech analysis with the tools for targeted and successful communication.

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