Niclas Cronenberg – Traineeship at managerberater

My traineeship at managerberater

Author: Niclas Cronenberg

My decision to apply for a traineeship at managerberater proved to be a very good choice for my professional future. This was already evident from my first working day, when I was given a very warm welcome. Part of my onboarding was also an overview of the many different customers, which enabled me to quickly get started on the respective projects.

Through my 6-month compulsory traineeship, I gained comprehensive insights into the daily work of management consultancy with an HR focus, applied and expanded my knowledge of business psychology and learned valuable skills for my professional future.

My tasks mainly included being involved in the preparation, implementation and follow-up of assessment and development centres of different target groups. In this context, I also designed new AC modules, created interview guides and appraisals, and dealt with test evaluations and validations. Thanks to the support of the project managers in this area, I was also able to benefit in particular from the contact with the respective contact persons in the HR area on the customer side. There were diverse networking possibilities, and opportunities to deepen my own knowledge of the selection criteria of different companies and departments, both in German and in English.

The high quality demands placed on my work had a particularly positive effect on my experience with managerberater. I always knew that there were different people I could turn to, who helped me understand even the most complex backgrounds with great naturalness and effortlessness and taught me so much. Regular feedback conversations further supported my learning success and helped me make significant progress.

From the outset, the managerberater team gives you the feeling that you’re a valued and important colleague, not just a “guest” of the company passing through. The six months as a team member were a rewarding time and I enjoyed it so much that I applied to continue working for managerberater beyond my period of traineeship. Since April, I’ve been working as a student trainee for the company.